If you want to trade or invest in Ripple you need to know what the market is doing, what way it is trending, where it it likely to go before opening an investment on Ripple. Ripple charts tracking the real time prices of Ripple is one way to get a quick overview on what is happening with the price of Ripple, the charts will also show you the live price of Ripple. Given the rapid price change of Ripple and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and DASH it is important to stay on top of the live price and price trends. Below is a 30 minute chart on Ripple vs US Dollar (XRP/USD chart), we know most of our Ripple and Bitcoin traders from Malaysia like to view this time frame as it is a manageable time period to trade from in that it is not too quick where it can be a toss of the coin and it is not a long term investment period in which you need to buy Ripple and hold for a number of days.

Ripple XRP/USD 30 Minute Chart-