Trading Cryptocurrencies with Binary Options

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, wallets, cold storage, Alt coins, exchanges, crypto mining… It seems like these new words are popping up everywhere in recent months. In part, the cryptocurrency boom not only in Malaysia but across the world is due to the fact that historically they have shown much higher profitability than investing in or trading financial markets such as the US dollar, GBP, Euro, Oil, gold, silver, indices, stocks and the like. But there are actually a number of reasons why cryptocurrencies are so popular. They are safe, anonymous, and completely decentralized. Unlike conventional currencies, they are not controlled or regulated by any particular authority, and their flow is completely determined by market demand, they aren’t controlled by a Central Bank or Government. They are also nearly impossible to forge, thanks to a highly complex code system that encrypts each transmission, providing complete anonymity and security for every user.

Although Bitcoin is practically the only cryptocurrency discussed most of the time in Malaysia, there are actually many different cryptocurrencies or Alt coins available, currently it is over 1000 and that list is growing by the day.

One great thing about Binary Options is you can use them to trade the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA and DASH. You can buy Bitcoin for example to rise from your binary trading account just like you can if you thought the US dollar was going to strengthen against the Euro, or the S&P500 index was going to go up. No need to open mutiple exchange accounts you can trade all the cryptocurrencies mentioned from one easy to register account.

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Your capital is at risk.